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New Gear Break-In Procedure

All new ring & pinion sets require a brief break-in period in order to ensure long life and quiet operation. The following break-in procedure is recommended before applying a heavy load and/or constant usage.

Break-In Procedure

  • 1. Insure that the axle has been filled to the correct level with proper hypoid lubricant before driving the vehicle. The oil rating must be GL5 or higher.

  • 2. Bring the axle to normal operating temperature by driving the vehicle (unloaded) for approximately 15 to 20 miles. Do not run full throttle accelerations or create any shock loads.

  • 3. Let the axle assembly cool completely.

  • 4. For the next 200 miles of operation, drive gently, without any heavy loads.

  • 5. If trailer towing is intended, an additional cycle of 200 to 300 miles of break-in is required without the trailer. This is important! To properly break-in a new gear set, a minimum of 500 miles of driving is essential before towing.